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Welcome to NEVILLEOUTDOORS.com my name is Nick Neville, my goal with this website is to have it evolve to be a place where ideas and experiences can be shared with a community of individuals, families, and groups who share the same passion as I do for the outdoors. While my personal posts in the Blog section of the site will primarily consist of topics related to my experiences with adventure cycling, bicycle touring, and backpacking I will also include content from contributors on occasion.

As one who has epilepsy I will use my website to also encourage those who are suffering from epilepsy and other debilitating conditions to continue to strive and persevere for their dreams.



I have just recently partnered with the Epilepsy Foundation to become one of their Athletes vs Epilepsy. I’m very excited because together we can help raise awareness, provide support, and seek out new treatments for the millions of individuals including myself who struggle with epilepsy. Please click on the image above to learn how you can support.



Image Courtesy of Nathan Jones


It’s official I will be competing in my first self supported ultra endurance race in 2017. In July, Nathan Jones creator of the Trans Am Bike Race will be competing and hosting the 2nd annual running of this event which begins and ends in Portland Oregon. The race is 1000 miles in some of the most beautiful and demanding terrain Oregon has to offer.  Last year the winner finished in 5days: 11hours: 27minutes. The route takes competitors up two of the highest roads in Oregon, Steens Mountain and Crater Lake National Park’s Rim Drive. This race will push the competitors to their limits.

One may ask why subject yourself to such torture? My personal answer is to test my personal limits as well as my skill-sets. My goal however is to just enjoy myself and make it to the finish line.

To learn more about this epic event and to find out how you can participate click the image above.

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